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Digital Leaders


What is a Digital Leader?

Digital Leaders are children with a passion for technology who want to share their knowledge with others and promote the use of all things digital throughout the school.  Being a Digital Leader is a fantastic opportunity to take on responsibility, learn new skills, develop and demonstrate leadership skills.


What we would like to achieve...

  • Help you become more skilled with technology
  • To help keep our technology in good working order
  • To create some clubs that you will join
  • To make you aware of things happening in the digital and computing world
  • To talk to you to find out about how you use technology and how we can help you keep safe. 


What he have achieved so far...

We have been meeting very regularly during lunchtimes, to focus on Internet Safety.

Recently, the Digital Leaders led and presented an assembly to the whole school!  It was a little bit nerve wracking, but gave us such confidence and pride!