Swan Lane First School

Swan Lane First School

Learn, Play & Grow Together


At Swan Lane First School we believe that regular attendance is crucial if children are to benefit from their education and achieve their potential. Good attendance is fundamental to a successful and fulfilling school experience.


We are committed to:

  • Promoting good attendance
  • Reducing absence, including persistent and severe absence
  • Ensuring every pupil has access to the full-time education to which they are entitled
  • Acting early to address patterns of absence
  • Building strong relationships with families to ensure pupils have the support in place to attend school


We will support parents to perform their legal duty to ensure their children of compulsory school age attend regularly, and will promote and support punctuality in attending school.


We expect our children to:

  • Attend regularly
  • Attend punctually
  • Attend ready to learn 

We believe that good attendance is secured through ensuring that school is:

  • A place where the children are happy and where they want to come
  • A place where children are treated with respect, feel safe and valued
  • A place where their needs are recognised and are addressed
  • A place where children experience success and enjoyment through  a rich and wide curriculum
  • Where staff work in partnership with parents/carers and where relationships are open and supportive

The school gates open at 8.30am and the school day starts at 8.40am. The school day finishes at 3.10pm. The school week is 32 and a half hours.