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50 things to experience at Swan Lane First School

At Swan Lane we are committed to giving the children the best possible experiences.  As part of our new curriculum, we have developed ‘50 Things To Experience at Swan Lane’. The list is designed to promote: positive play, outdoor experiences, life skills and perhaps, most importantly, enjoyment. 

We have worked closely with both the pupils and staff to produce the list of activities that we believe every child (and adult) should experience during their time at Swan Lane First School.  Each year group has their own set of activities that they will complete during the year at school.

 Have a look at some of the activities.  Are there any that you could try at home?  We’d love to see photographs of any of these experiences going on at home.  Either send the photos into school with your child or email the school office@swanlanefirstschool.sch.worcs.uk